EMI 2/2016

EMI_012016_nahled EMI 2/2016

Volume 8, Issue 2, 2/2016
Issue Date: 30.9.2016

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SURNAME, Name. Article name. Economics Management Innovation. 2016, 2: pp-pp. ISSN 1805-353X. Available at: http://www.emijournal.cz/


Michal Menšík [PDF]

Investigation of the Relationship Between Corporate Social Responsibility and Performance Indicators of Companies [PDF]
Emilia Startseva, Natalja Gurvitš, Jiří Strouhal, Karel Pernica 

Do Economic Instruments in the Czech Republic Support Generation of Renewable Energy? [PDF]
Jarmila Zimmermannová, Eva Jílková 

Trust and Security as Significant Factors Influencing On-Line Buying Behavior in the Czech Republic [PDF]
Michal Pilík, Eva Juřičková 

Investigation of the Impact of Activities of Economic Entities on Various Areas of the Social System [PDF]
Dana Bernardová, Eva Jílková, Zdeňka Krišová, Miroslav pokorný

Analysis of Buying Behaviour on the Food Supplement and Over the Counter Drugs Market [PDF]
Tomáš Sadílek