EMI 2/2017

obalka_EMI_2_2017_N EMI 2/2017

Volume 9, Issue 2, 2/2017
Issue Date: 29.9.2017

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SURNAME, Name. Article name. Economics Management Innovation. 2017, 1: pp-pp. ISSN 1805-353X. Available at: http://www.emijournal.cz/


Editorial [PDF]
Jaroslav Burian

A Proposal for Sustainable Employer Brand: From Market and Product Theory to Sustainable Development Theories [PDF]
Hans Lundkvist

Multicultural Labour Market in The Sme’s Sector – Introduction to Comparative Study of the Situation in Poland and Czech Republic [PDF]
Katarzyna Czainska

Neural Network Modelling for a Short-Term Forecast of Key Macroeconomic Indicators in Russia [PDF]
Yulia Y. Finogenova, Denis V. Domaschenko, Edward E. Nikulin

Personální management ve znalostně zaměřených firmách [PDF]
Milan Jermář

Comparative Study on Private Label Brand “K – Take it Veggie” In Slovakia and the Czech Republic [PDF]
Peter Šedík, Michaela Šugrová, Elena Horská, Ľudmila Nagyová

Possibilities Of Dynamic Biometrics For Authentication And The Circumstances For Using Dynamic Biometric Signature [PDF]
František Hortai